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I haven't been the most consistent tagger over the years, but these may be of interest.

October 2021

In case it’s not clear…

Down the Crypto Rabbit Hole

September 2021

Twenty years. I thought I…

January 2021

He’s gone. We won’t have…

Four years ago, I wrote:…

Happy new year? I think…

September 2020

Two Screens For Teachers

Ableton’s audio warping tools are…

April 2020

March 2020

The Imperial College of London…


I made the mistake of…


February 2020






























December 2019

That feeling when it’s nearly…

Ominous Countdown Clock

It’s impeachment day for Donald…

Gray Seattle Days

September 2019

My blog has been quiet…

June 2019

I had a great time…

May 2019


A while back I stayed…

April 2019

Here’s a trio that does…

Modular Pocket Operator

March 2019

Last month, we had an…

January 2019

Vessel Nyc

Zaha Hadid High Line


Walking The High Line

December 2018

Yesterday was moodily wet and…

November 2018

I’ve been working on a…

This short statement by Micah…

Split Decision

October 2018

WebAuthn and Biometrics

September 2018

Here’s a short slow improv…

There’s been a flurry of…

August 2018

View Near Friday Harbor

Revisiting RSS

Marco Arment seems to have…

July 2018

Dependencies Run Deep

May 2018

In an unexpected but happy…

Mastodon Stats

April 2018

Seattle Spheres

Audacious Goals

Outrider is a new foundation…

February 2018

View From Grouse Mountain

January 2018

Live Light Room

December 2017


September 2017

Trump is nothing if not…

August 2017

Grain In Ashton

I started a new blog…

90 Days

June 2017

My site now offers JSON…

May 2017


Marigny Mural

I finally had some free…

April 2017

March 2017

February 2017

I took a moment to…

From Phil Klay’s What We’re…

Every time I get the…

Snowy Seattle Trees

James Turrell Skyspace

Hey, neat: the Indie Microblogging…

One Month of Posts

The airport protests have faded…

January 2017


Matt Levine, author of the…

Lawfare is a blog by…

Glenn Fleishman is creating a…

How I’m feeling about Trump’s…

Continuing my much needed sonic…

The first beta of iOS…

YouTube has a couple excellent…

Seattle Fremont Troll Pussyhat


Fast Forward Labs is a…

Funhouse House is the art-project…

Tiny Spires is a Twitter…

It always strikes me as…

Thanks, Obama. See also: the…

It’s hard to believe ten…

Ever since Apple Music made…

Political Priority Alarms

Typewolf is a great resource…

It seems appropriate for my…

November 2016


September 2016

Adblock Plus now sells ads.…

Hard to believe it’s been…

My blog now supports HTTP/2,…

August 2016

Fifteen years ago, I was…

I’m taking a leave of…

July 2016

Manton Reece just sent a…

June 2016

May 2016

Inflection Points

March 2016

I wrote a little something…

An Absolutist View of Encryption

February 2016

Slowly but surely, I intend…

In addition to reviving my…

My Microblog

January 2016

Ansible Bustedness

November 2015

1Password for Teams

August 2015

Heartbeat Alpha

Modern Web Ad-Blocking

On the Cusp: Decentralization

June 2015

2015 WWDC Wrap-Up

May 2015


First Audio Blog Post

Twitter Mainland

April 2015

Hashicorp's Vault

Multnomah Falls

March 2015

What's My Passcode?

February 2015

Rainy Fremont

Django Storage Minutia

January 2015

Twitter Reputation

November 2014

HTTPS: Let's do this

Ellie Mitchell

October 2014

Redfin buys Walk Score

I Want An RSS Reader/Writer

Without a Doubt

Indie Impostor Syndrome

July 2014

Coffee Walks

Cyclides of Dupin

June 2014

Dear OS X Editor Gods (Again)

Serving Static Sites

Static Sites

May 2014

Pianoteq 5

January 2014

A Hacker History Bookshelf

Rekon Villy

Snow Dogs



December 2013

Redis Redux

Atreus Dawn at Fifteen

Pianoteq 4.5

November 2013

The Cloakercoaster

LinkedIn the Middle

September 2013

The Snowden Disclosures, So Far

August 2013

South Marginal Way - Version 2

July 2013

Cabin In The Woods

View From Snowy Ridge

Picture Lake

May 2013


Content Blogging as Improv

April 2013

The Area Between the Curves

March 2013

Q Nightclub

Sunset From Stanley Park

Old School Canada Telephone

Industrial Panorama

Industrial Sculpture

Industrial Park


February 2013

Building Tiles

Eagle Landing Shore

Jewelry Sign @JouleSeattle

Land's End Park

Bootie Mashup


W Jellyfish

January 2013

Get Cloak

The New WalkScore Headquarters

Basilica Cistern

The Company

Hookah Snowman

Evening Prayer, Süleymaniye Mosque

Door, Aya Sofia

The Aya Sofia

The System

Turkey Shots

Pigeon Valley


Göreme Ranch

The F*ck Is Back


Blue Mosque Interior

Obligatory Laundry In Alley Shot

Ik I Ki Si Li K Bi R Oy UN

Stock market projection surface

Cibeci Han, near the Grand Bazaar

December 2012

Santa And Dog

My Year in Small Data

The League of Moveable Type


November 2012

Cyber Monday Music


The Rhythm in Everything

Sinofsky, Exit Stage Left

Referendum 74 Passes

October 2012

September 2012

The Madrona Labs Soundplane A

August 2012

Model School

Riddle Me This

July 2012

Some Cloak Featurettes

Apple Rejoins Epeat

Cow Clicker

June 2012

May 2012

Serving Python Web Apps

April 2012

Kibitzing Samurai

AWS: Acoustica

The Spacex Cost Record

The Latest From Cloakland

March 2012

24/192 Music Downloads

Olympic Sculpture Park

Olympic Sculpture Park 2

Olympic Sculpture Park 3

Todo Review?

February 2012

See You at Pycon!

Mountain Lion

Ok Go 'Needing/Getting' Video

Girl Walk // All Day

January 2012

The Seedy Side of Software

Bissen: Tranceatlantic

Amanda Peyton on Pipa

Tim O'Reilly on Sopa

Siriusmo: Mosaik

How to Set Up a Music Listening Rig

December 2011

My 52.WKS Project is Finished

Kuedo: Severant

One Thing Well on Cloak

Pianoteq 3

A Little Redesign

2011 Wrap-up

Winter Sunset In Seattle

Sunset At Golden Gardens

App Asceticism

Christmas Decorations

Dealing With Credit Card Fraud

November 2011

Fraudsters Gonna Fraud

Cloak for iPhone & iPad Has Arrived

Microsoft Store, You Cut Me

Kindle Clauses


October 2011

A Word on App Engine Caching

I Use This

Cloak Will Be at Seattle Beta!

Growing Up Apple

September 2011

Locked in the Cloud

June 2011

Decibel In The Park



Mario's on Cap Hill

Neumo's Stage & Lights

Decibel Visuals

Our Destination!



Ventilation On Mercer Island.

Amy Contemplates Traffic

The I90 Bridge

Rain, Rain

The I90 Hill Tunnel

Linc's Tackle in the ID


The impossible is possible...

The Smith Tower


The Seattle Space Needle


May 2011

I'm Gonna Disrupt!

March 2011

Git for Making Music

February 2011

The 52.WKS Project

January 2011

Fonts on Kindle for iPad

December 2010

Party Like It's 1989

An iOS Artwork Tool Update

November 2010

Heterogeneity is Not the Problem

October 2010

In Seattle? Really?

September 2010

Alki Sunset


Truare II

West Seattle Cement Factory

South Elliott Bay


Mail Room Door

Bread of Life


Grain Depository

Ship Junkyard, Magnolia Bridge

Suburban Magnolia

Radar Tower

High Cliff Zone!

August 2010

Cosco Unloads

Seals from Water Taxi

West Seattle Dilapidation

Industrial District West

West Seattle Bridge, near Delridge


Abandoned Oil Drum

South Marginal Way



Five Signs


Smith Tower

Lusty No Longer

Alien Audio



Lo-Fi shot of Lo-Fi lounge




Walkway, University Bridge

Open Data: Messy and Great

July 2010

First sight of the Snow Lakes

Leprechaun Lake

Snow, Shadow, Water, Light.


Waterfalls, Middle Enchantment

Perfection Lake

Perfection Lake 2

Hiking the middle Enchantments

Inspiration Lake

Hiking down a mountain bowl.

Mountain Goat!

First night campsite!

Goats, Aasgard Pass

Midpoint, Aasgard Pass

Looking up Aasgard Pass

The base of Aasgard Pass

View near Lake Colchuck

Hiking towards Lake Colchuck

Victoria, BC. Golf.

Victoria, BC

(More) Cheese, Victoria BC


Morning fog, Tracy's Arm Fjord

Waterfall, Tracy's Arm Fjord

Tracy's Arm Fjord

Tracy's Arm Fjord, early morning

Tracy's Arm Fjord 2

Home away from home, Skagway AK.

The Davis Glacier

Glacial ice! It's everywhere!

Canoeing to the Davis Glacier

The Mendenhall Glacier

Trees near Mendenhall Glacier

Hiking near Mendenhall Glacier

Capitol Building, Juneau AK

Totem, Juneau AK

Three Twenty Five

Urban decay... even in Juneau!

First look at Juneau, AK

Trawling near Juneau, AK

Casino, Rhapsody of the Seas

Port Of Seattle

June 2010

Gasworks Park

Apple Monoculture @ BBQBits


Gasworks Park 2

Private Marina, Gasworks Park

Massive Attack: Eyes

Massive Attack: Beams

Massive Attack: Crowd

The Gorge

Kids These Days

Sasquatch 2010!

May 2010

SFO Reflections

Saving Banksy from Taggers

Metal Man

Alley Cat

Timecraft 13 Anchor


Ice Fish


I|O Afterparty DJ


Human Hamster Ball

Human Hamster



Spraypaint Helmet


Kit Car, Downtown Seattle

The Batcave

Banksy in Seattle

Telephone Indulgence

Belfry, Panaji

Gardens, Old Goa

Wedding Musicians

Tents at the wedding

Poornima and Gautam


Spices in Jodhpur

Marahana Procession, Jodhpur

Marahana's Horse

Maharana's Musicians

Jodhpur (II)


Jodhpur Fort Colors

Jodhpur Fort Interior

Saffron Lassi Shack

Typical Intersection

Monkey Shot II

Lake Hotel, Udaipur

City Palace, Udaipur

Shree Jagdish Temple, Udaipur

Connaught Place, Delhi

Udaipur Nights

Monkey shot!

The lay of the land

Approaching the Taj Mahal


The party within the party...

Later that night...

Street Scene

Olympic Fire

Olympic Cauldron, Rainy Day

Wun Tun

Saturday Streets

Zip Line

Draped In Maple Leaf

Official Notice!


Montlake Bridge (Open Style)

Leschi Fire Boat

Leschi Fire Boat 2

The Montlake Cut

NASA Space Police (Boat Crew)

Eskil and GK

Late at Night

Andre and Karl

Hey Kids!

Behold the Mighty Power

Early Morning at Coffee Bar SFO

SFO Graffiti (II)

SFO Graffiti (I)

Approaching Lake Serene

On the way to Lake Serene

Bridal Veil Falls

The Ferry Home

Hill on San Juan Island

Two Great Tastes...

Traveling to the San Juans

Sun and hipsters at Bauhaus

April 2010

Pendulums in Motion

March 2010

A Steve Reich Primer

February 2010

Sayonara, Dreamhost!

January 2010

Introducing WhereBeUs

Music in 2009

December 2009

Introducing City-Go-Round

October 2009

My Dev Days

Django on Google App Engine

September 2009

Tycho Performs

Lusine Kills It

(Why the Dangercast?)

August 2009

Three Wolf Moon: in the flesh!

Seattle's Okay

Skillet Mobile Joint!

Kicking Machine Street Art

July 2009

My Tablet

Tukwila Station

June 2009

BBQ In Seattle

Appengine Nitty Gritty

I'm on a train!

In the glove.

May 2009

Thoughts About GWT

Matthews Beach

Biked to Log Boom Park

Um. Game Room.

Dear OS X Editor Gods

Cocoa, Sync, and Appengine

Gasworks Park!

April 2009

Speaking at Google I|O

iPhone Scrolling Dynamics

Javascript Needs Batteries

In Memoriam

Denise @ Sport Bar

Qwest & Safeco Fields

Um. The view is good from here.

March 2009

Bathroom Editorial

Finding Our Roots, Again

February 2009

Don't Be A Snitch

The Gallows

On The "Beach"

Overlooking "Toxic Beach" in SFO

Do Not Deface Walls At Toxic Beach

SF's Most Laptop Friendly Coffee Shop

A Go Update

The Luckiest Bad Luck?

January 2009

Weekend Hack #1: Go!

Further Meditations on Microsoft

Citizen Maps

Emacs Indenting Revisited

(Mega) Mall Rat

December 2008

Tag! Tommy's it!

All Saints Church

Made It To The Mall Of America!

Santa Makes It To Minnesota

Expandrive is Nifty

Tech Book Nostalgia

Meditations on Microsoft

Beta Means Beta

Updated iPhone Artwork Tool

The Memory Wall

The Cloud's Dark Lining

November 2008

The Cloud's Spectrum

Jazz: Juicing Up Nightingale

Statement of Policy

A pot in progress @ Blue Bottle Coffee

Ah, Cables!

Ancestor Of SkyNet?

Tubes & Resistors

At home on a steampunk warship?

Tubes & More Tubes



In The Seattle Arbouretum

October 2008

Laptop Battle 2008

September 2008

Tycho @ The Seattle Decibel Festival

August 2008

The Spirit Of Wyoming

We in Cheyenne, yo.

On The Way To Dream Lake

View From Above Nymph Lake

Ridge Above Nymph Lake

Stinker in Boise.

Chihuly Glass Piano

Infotron Letter

July 2008

East Bryant

June 2008

Geotagged water bottle.

May 2008

Fainting goats, meet baby.

Inside the bridge.

Covered bridge of Kokomo, IN

Lazy Caturday

April 2008

Andrew, masticating





Andre is frakking Ready.

Santogold With Dancers

Fake empire

Who Rocks The Body?

Stage one of five

Yeah. It's like that.

Salmon In The Shower.

At the Soundgarden

Amy Swings.

March 2008

Unknown blossom -- help identify!

Spring lighting in Seattle

More cherry blossoms

On the UW campus main quad

Spring is here!

Baby Par-Tay!!!


February 2008

Seattle Skyline (As Seen From Ferry)

Lineup For The Ferry

Goddamn, That's Some Good Chili

January 2008

Conference Bike (3/3)

Conference Bike (2/3)

Conference Bike. (?!?)

December 2007

Doug singing?!?

Museum Of Flight

Museum of flight 2


Museum of flight 3

Museum of flight 4

Birthday cake...

November 2007

Lunch on Saturday... In chicago.

Slider Satisfaction

Bill Clinton

October 2007

Montlake Cut & Lake Washington

The Penthouse, Manhattan

The Harvard Club, Manhattan

Eye beam

Homage to Helvetica

Pill lights.

At the God store in Manhattan

The Hudson River

September 2007


Decibel Festival 2007

Decibel Festival 2007 2

Decibel Festival 2007 3

Crater Lake, as seen from Mount Scott

Lunch break

Microsoft Company Meeting 2007

Bill Gates Keynote

July 2007

Tree @ Magnolia Park

WSOP 2007.

Neon Trees Near Nevada

June 2007

Tortoise's Setup

Sunset, 1st Ave.

Laptop Battle Posters.

Drinking Scotch, Downtown.

Today's Lunch.

Mmm. Banh Mi for $1.50

Catholic Seaman's Club (2/2)

Labor temple

Catholic Seaman's Club (1/2)

Front Size -- Paranormal Art Car

Amy & The Art Car.

For You, Nelson!

Jazz @ The Rendevouz in Belltown

May 2007

Room With A View, Bahamas

Amy & Dave

Santorini Island, Greece

Bryce Canyon: Grand Theater

San Francisco, CA: Baker Beach

Jesus Junk Mail

April 2007

Back In Providence

March 2007

Fujiya & Miyagi

February 2007

The Chilly Hilly 2007: After

The Chilly Hilly 2007: Before

Valentine's Boat

Big Arse Tele

January 2007

Balloons with prizes inside

Vista launch!

First nice day in seattle

Junkanoo Festival

Junkanoo: Edge Of A Float

Junkanoo: Technical Difficulties

Junkanoo Float

Junkanoo: Goombay Drumers

Junkanoo Festival Costumes

Junkanoo: Goombay Music

December 2006

Song For My Father

Horace Silver

All Of Me

The Venue

Days Of Wine & Roses

Late Nite Jazz

Patent Plaque

November 2006

Windows Vista. Crashed.

Windows Vista: To use or not to use.

Graffiti Behind My Apartment

Dark, Snowy Landing.

Smithson Mansion

Walking With The Folks Along The Mall

National archives

Looking down the mall

China Town In DC

The Odd DC Statue

Always Loved This As A Kid.

Looking At The East Wing

Roof Of National Art Gallery

Three Generations

National Arbouritum

Andy & The Grandies

The Capitol Building

The Capitol

Union Station

Mom considering Nationals wear

Union station 2

Mom On Thanksgiving

October 2006

Autumn In Seattle (2)

Autumn In Seattle (1)

September 2006

July 2006

Marimba ensemble

More biking!

Mesquite pig at the bbq

Good Work Dr. K

June 2006

Snohomish, WA (2)

Snohomish, WA

50 Mile Point

At The Bill Gates Announcement

Bill Gates Speaks To Employees

Ssbn 641

Sexy model

Late night sailing

Stylish Atomic Technology.

May 2006

The CD Shelf

The Ikea Jerker Studio

Ikea to the Rescue

Grilling @ Golden Gardens

Golden gardens!

Looking towards Salmon Bay

At the Ballard Locks

Britten @ The Ballard Locks

Avery plays the drums

Moisture festival (?)

Train at carkeek

Tunnel at carkeek park

April 2006

My Beard



Inertia Creeps

Hymn of the big wheel


Man Next Door

From the new album.

Huge lighting.

Massive Attack Stage

It begins

Looking up from within the venue.

Lights out/almost time.

The bar @ Paramount

It's going to be Massive Attack!

It's going to be huge...

Drinks first

At the paramount


Stopped for a game



Still biking

Bellevue from leschi

Seward park

Lunch stop

Jet blast

Boeing plane yard bike trail

Boeing 777 plant

South lake washington

The ugly bit

Woodinville valley


Akemi and Dave @ Dial Bar

The Void Stars

Light From Brain.

In The Tunnel

Fog and Light

Dancing Lights

Cedar court microsoft


Life imitating placards.

Room one of five

Mela indian cuisine

Studio alley


Turkish bowl

Trafalgar Square At Night

Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone

Parthenon marbles

Opera house in the evening

Egypt wing

Greece wing

New Atreum Of The British Museum

British museum

Big head hall

Your source for uk grime

Walking around


Sunset at thames


On the way to records


Long shadows

In soho

Duck flag


Piano lessons

Moorage at logboom

Lake washington on my bike ride

House on lake washington

Boats at logboom

Pier at logboom park

Coke is kosher for passover

July 2005

Partying at 299

Long Time, No See

May 2005

Heavy Destruction Land

April 2005



Breaking Radio Silence

March 2005

Number 6859909

February 2005

Slash Reich


Just a Theory




More Social Security

January 2005

Whither Driving Votes?


Bye Bye, MT

Iced In

One Damn Dime

Glass in a Cab



A$499 Mac?

How Not to Kayak

Ceiling Bees


December 2004


Two Ways to Go

Blast From the Past


Music, Music, Music

One Click Away

November 2004

Music Wishlist

Bombs Away

DSandler Does Wordpress

Using the Monster

Jesus Will Save You!

Delicious Library Review

Spy Numbers

ICANN Domain Transfer Rules

Bush Won

October 2004

Alternate Political Worlds

More Distortions, More Lies

America's Wetlands

Chromeo Volcano

Photo Redux

Decibel Festival Sets

September 2004


Western Swing

Election Tidbits



August 2004

Choice Bits From McCain

Only a Hobo

Fifty-nine Story Crisis

LFO | Freak

The Mechanic

July 2004

Fourthcity Comp Out Now



Driving Votes Update

Not a Commodity?

Jazz Trumpet

Fruit Fly Final Solution

The Memo

Bush Game

Waterfall on Titan

June 2004

Not Stolen

Driving Votes @ Alibi

Seattle Public Library

Obligatory Cats

Laptop Battle 3.0 Redux

Laptop Glory

May 2004

The State of Things

Miller Potter

April 2004

Psychiatric Ward

Driving Votes Nyc

So That's What That Button Does

Goings on in DrivingVotes-land

Rwanda, 10 Years Later

Yee-haw, Let's Drive Those Votes

March 2004

Nezvanova Awol


Write Well, but Blog Good

Making End's Meat

Intensive Porpoises

February 2004

Sure, We Do That

Nellie Mckay

The Big Upgrade




New Cans

Most Watched What?

January 2004

Stigma, Thy Name is Mac...

On the Sly

Krugman on Bush

Battle Redux

Oh Battle My Battle

Sea vs Pdx

Weather Reversals

Trio of Haiku

December 2003

Vectron Ultralite

Fiji Redux

November 2003

I'm Not in Fiji

South Pacific Here I Come

One More Chain

Strong Bonds

Halloween and Turkey

The Consequences

Star Power

Quantum What?

Defeat is an Orphan


Tonight, One Night Only


October 2003

Son of Reich...

Harder Than It Looks

This One is for the Ladies...

In Preparation...

Search Inside the Book

The Void Stars

Once a Fissure

Danger is His Moniker

Shrinking Studios

September 2003

Css Zen Garden

Recent Life

Hurricane Hype

Fly Without ID

Fourthcity Laptop Battle

Front Page Slashdot

Two Years Later

Switch Sessions With RSS

Modalism & Women

More Bad Music

Moblog Road Trip

August 2003

Five Electronic Epics

Minidisc Mists of Time

Skratch Kat Says...

They Did What?

Not Your Longhorn Ui

Adobe Entering the Audio Market?

What Speed Limit, Officer?

Not Your John Hancock

Myst for Drug Addicts

For Your Listening Displeasure

What Next?

Unassisted Triple Play

My RSS Feed Moved

I Now Have an RSS 2.0 Feed!

Bringing my journal out of…

It looks as though the…

For those I know who…

I work with a number…

July 2003

June 2003

My SF roommates have started…

I’ve got it in my…

The first and second seasons…

So the word is out…

I’ve got DSL and a…

May 2003

Turn your cat into a…

I have seen The Matrix.…

I have seen The Matrix.…

April 2003

Upset with someone? Have their…

Atari Movie. I ran into…

The most worrisome aspect of…

March 2003

War is hell, and Al…

War in the Ruins of…

The Ready! web site must…

I don’t know if I’ll…

Last night I saw Ladytron…

How I tamed the dock…

Setting up a MacOSX box…

February 2003

Georg and I finally had…

Two new timeshares are now…

This week’s What’s New sheds…

Taxonomy of bumper fish. …

Russia Redux (part 2 of…

The New York Times has…

Oliver just dug up a…

January 2003

The Slammer worm, which preys…

It’s really amazing how brains…

Subtitled Why New York is…

The Supreme Court voted 7-2…

The tour books warn you…

December 2002

I’ve taken a few photos…

The usage has even been…

Hey, check out the music…

Had a big, long, food-filled…

November 2002

Tom and I had an…

I really don’t know what…

Halloween at 299 Castro …

Dave Peck vs. Lunatic Blend…

Just finished another MT 30/3/+0…

Austin, Texas is the little…

October 2002

Tom and I figured that…

In other news: two cylinders…

Ugh. Brand new car go…

I just picked up Amon…

Party ON. I’m there in…

The New York Times is…

We’re coming up on Halloween.…

This hits close to home.…

September 2002

Got some photos from the…

Rumsfeld recently announced that the…

Great continuous mix: Who Is…

Sopranos PR notables: …

The summary of a recent…

Best two media moments from…

One year later

The nation’s media seems to…

Cup stacking seems too bizarre…

The IP patent dispute between…

One year less one week,…

August 2002

Last night DNTEL gave their…

Praise be! This is wrong…

Settlers of Catan is the…

Damian sent an advance CD…

I spent a swishy afternoon…

We’ve joked for some time…

Here we are, one year…

A little gem from Sydney…

News flash! This web page…

July 2002

Am I shvitzing? Am I?…

Qwest is the latest telco…

The New York times is…

From Mark Molina: …

The New Yorker has a…

June 2002

Paradigm Shift is again on…

I’m in another one of…

Even though Jurassic 5 never…

May 2002

The techno muse must be…

Cough, Cough. Ahem. …

March 2002

It happened again: at 9,535…

February 2002

Best news I’ve heard in…

January 2002

A wonderful new years was…

December 2001

In a matter of hours…

Vacation time. One last hurrah…

Crab Louie? Yum. …

Here is a word-for-word transcript…

Tearing Down The Site. (As…

All I want for Christmas…

After sending an e-mail about…

November 2001

What does a city mean…

By-and-large that’s it. We have…

At 2AM last night the…

You may win yet, Mr.…

As promised, photos of this…

Hi all. I’m off to…

October 2001

I’m not sure where the…

Last night’s party was located…

Someone help me. I’ve got…

Last night I attended People…

A friend sent a news…

Isn’t it nice when old…

Time to move on… …

September 2001

Soon to be two weeks,…

Some vacation. …

I’m off on vacation… take…

Getting ready for a much…

August 2001

Yesterday I participated in an…

I took a day and…

I recently realized that I…

Just had an excuse to…

I just noticed that maintaining…

There went nothing. A web…

1999 - 2001

I actually started writing a "blog" with homespun software in February 1999. I haven't yet done the work to extract my oldest posts and import them into my 2015-era Jekyll blog. I will, I will!