Subtitled Why New York is better than San Francisco, Local Bounty compares carryout opportunities in the two cities. Affably, the author pays homage to that odd beast, the San Francisco burrito:

In San Francisco the burrito has been refined and embellished in much the same way that the pizza has been refined and embellished in Chicago...

...serious eaters in San Francisco tend to be loyal to their own burrito purveyor.

Indeed true. The burrito discussion concludes, however, with this backhanded complement:

I know perfectly respectable people whose loyalty is to Taqueria Cancun

Alas, it seems our author isn’t the afficionado he’s made himself out to be. Respectable San Franciscans know that Cancun is the only true source of burrito. EQuill went so far as to make it an official corporate food: our CEO would often arrive at 10AM with a backpack made heavy by a dozen carne asada burritos. Where can you find that in New York?