First Audio Blog Post

It’s Wednesday, May 6 2015, and this is my very first audio blog post.

I’m pretty excited about this. I’m not sure that “audio blog” is actually a real word, yet, so I figured I’d stake my claim.

To me, an audio blog is a mashup of a podcast and a blog. Like a podcast, it’s not textual — for me, I expect it will be mostly voice, although maybe some music down the road — and it’ll be available in our podcasting apps.

Like a blog, I expect that my posts will be sporadic and probably also of wildly differing lengths; I just want the opportunity to make an audio post when it seems like the right thing to do. There’s a certain conversational tone to podcasts that really appeals to me and that I’m hoping will work well for my needs. I guess we’ll see.

Stepping back, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the ways that I express myself online. I’ve got my blog posts, my Tweets and my microposts, my photos, maybe a handful of videos, and now my audio posts. I’m sort of slowly working towards bringing all these things under the same roof, and all under my personal control. They’re not much, but they’re my voice and that’s all we really have; I don’t want my voice to be scattered to the winds. So I’m excited to have thing under one roof.

I guess that’s it: just a welcome post to get things started, and to kick off my new audio blog. Until next time.