Otis Health

Today we launched our newest PSL spinout, Otis Health.

In its first iteration, Otis offers a free discount pharmacy card to the underserved 1099 worker market. A shocking percentage of contract workers have no insurance whatsoever; saving even a handful of dollars on medications can make a meaningful difference. Otis can often save much more than that.

Otis Health: as easy as 1-2-3

I’m excited about Otis on three fronts. First, it brings a modern design and user experience to a market that until today has sorely lacked it. Second, Otis’ discount card is free to use; all the economic magic happens behind the scenes, in the form of complex contracts between retail chains, benefits managers, distributors, and manufacturers. Finally, Otis has its eyes firmly fixed on several adjacent services that we think will also meaningfully improve the lives of 1099 workers in the future.

Oh, and one more (the most important!) reason to be excited: the team. It’s been a blast working with Aaron, Luke, Sanford, Sharon, and Steve to get this thing out the door.