Stop Leaky Data With the Latest Cloak for Mac

We just shipped a major new build of Cloak for Mac that has a lot of cool new features, including support for Mountain Lion’s notification center.

But the biggest feature is one that prevents leaky data over insecure networks. Basically, there’s a small amount of time between when OS X wakes up from sleep and when VPN software like Cloak gets to know about the new state of the network. In that brief period of time, aggressive apps like, Adium, and Tweetbot tend to send data insecurely across the network.

Preventing data from leaking out during these in-between moments is something we’ve wanted to do since day one, but until Mountain Lion we didn’t have a smart technical approach to the problem. We’re very excited about this new feature: it demonstrably improves security and it’s also an industry first. Nobody else out there can do this and, given the technical hurdles necessary to implement this feature well, we think it will be a long time before anyone else can do it.