A Little Redesign

I redesigned my blog!

My previous design was nearly three years old. It was starting to irk me: the font wasn’t ideal, the organization of content was a bit odd, and the text’s vertical rhythm was often rudely interrupted.

In the intervening years, I read a lot about typography. I also became enamored with the Miller Font Family, a truly gorgeous scotch serif with excellent hinting for both display and print.

Yesterday, I encountered Chris Pearson’s entertaining post on Golden Ratio Typography. No, the Golden Ratio is not the end-all of design, but the output of his typography calculator was often hard to argue with.

So: here we are. My new design is (I hope) clean but mildly textured, easy to navigate, and above all a pleasure to read. I even had the opportunity to sneak my technotronic initial (typeset in Thenofreak Black) into the sidebar. Yee-techno-haw!