Write Well, but Blog Good

Dan postulates that blog writing quality is low because bloggers read other low-quality blogs. In effect, there’s a bad-writing feedback loop in the web.

I agree with Dan, but in my case there are simpler explanations:

  • I blog to keep in touch with a small group of friends. I focus on meaning, not texture.
  • Blogging is a low-pri item on my personal schedule. I don’t blog often, and when I do, I do so hastily.

The result? I write well, but I blog good.

The linguist in me is fascinated by the blog feedback loop, however. Writing style and etiquette evolve over time. Technological advances — especially advances that allow more voices to be heard — increase the rate of evolution. I’m not aware of any previous technological advance, however, that has so dramatically amped the feedback ratio. Soon we’ll all be writing like this guy, and we’ll like it.