Photo Redux

So, you wouldn’t know it from reading here, but Joanna and I took a fantastic road trip to Glacier National Park. The weather was a little unpredictable, but we managed to get a few good hikes in and spot some Grizzly along the way. After a few days, we crossed the Canada border at Waterton Lakes and took the slow road (Route 3) back to Vancouver. Check out the photos from our trip.

I’ve also removed jaggies from my Seattle Library photos, if you’re curious.

(I finally have a set of open-source tools I’m comfortable editing my photos with, though they’re disjoint so getting new photos web-ready takes time. I use GIMP to adjust color and contrast, ImageMagick to make jaggy-free thumbnails, and AutoPano with PTAssembler+PanoTools+Enblend to make the panoramas. The open-source pano tools are excellent but take far too much effort to figure out.)