More Distortions, More Lies

The debates are over. We’ve had four and a half hours to watch our candidates discuss the issues. It’s too bad that most of this time was filled with talking points or, worse, with lies and distortions about positions and facts. Independent organizations like Fact Check make it clear that neither candidate has a monopoly on spin. All politicans must be held accountable for what they say; coupled with the Web, Fact Check is an elixir of sanity in a contentious election year.

The past three debates have pushed me from Bush detractor to Kerry supporter. Kerry may not be personable, but I don’t want a friend in office. I want someone who can make wise, principled decisions about the difficult issues facing our country. I believe Bush’s black-and-white blinders have led him and this country astray. I also fear that Bush has not adequately separated his faith from the duties of his public office. I believe Kerry’s ability to see nuance and grasp complexity is exactly what we need in a president today, and I look forward to voting for him on November 2.