The 2014 Indie Tech Summit

I’m looking forward to this weekend’s Indie Tech Summit in Brighton, UK; I can’t make it in person but I’ll be there in spirit.

Since the summit dovetails so nicely with my work on Cloak, I also wrote more about it on our security blog:

For many years, there’s been a growing consensus that digital privacy is an essential issue for our time, and a growing concern that, as a society, we are woefully far from an admirable state of affairs. Last year’s Snowden disclosures showed many of us just how deep the rabbit hole goes. More hopefully, Snowden’s disclosures also helped to focus and intensify efforts around the globe to set ourselves on a wiser path.

With that stage set, I think it’s worth watching Indie Tech impresario Aral Balkan’s recent talk, Free is a Lie. My reaction to Aral’s talk is complex: I’m not sure it chooses precisely the right targets, but it does provide an undeniably strong place to start the discussion.