The 52.WKS Project

This year, I’m writing an album’s worth of music.

It won’t be good music — oh, no, it won’t — but it will be delivered at a steady rate of one new minute of audio per week. The point is simply to exercise my atrophying compositional and studio muscles on a regular basis.

The first five weeks are up at my 52.WKS homepage; you can also subscribe to my 52.WKS iTunes Podcast. January was about getting into the habit; February is about music for piano and piano-like-objects.

My friend Justin Almquist is also running his own 52.WKS project; check out Justin’s bandcamp page for the goods. As you’ll hear, our focus and aesthetic is quite different.

Subscribe and enjoy. Subscribe and kibitz. If you’re a musician or hobbyist, I encourage you to start your own 52.WKS project; let me know when you do!