Strong Bonds

Friendster is a cool waste of time. Poking around I’ve discovered a few people that I should really know. Take pornrockstar Jeannie for example. We’ve never met (and I don’t know who she is,) but many chains connect us:

You Willow Tate Clay Jeannie

You tandy forbes Jeff Jeannie

You Andrew Sandy RockBox Jeannie

You Sarah Philippe Chris Jeannie

You Shahin Jeannie

These chains have two interesting features.

First, they contain no duplicate people. Jeannie and I have a chain strength of five. (Six chains actually connect us, but these five are maximally unique.) I haven’t yet found a stronger connection of this type.

Second, these chains tie together disparate circles of friends. Willow doesn’t know Tom doesn’t know Andrew, etc. Even my sister Sarah is part of the mix! I wonder if Jeannie can say the same: does RockBox know Chris or Clay?

What’s the most interesting Friendster connection you’ve discovered?