Choice Bits From McCain

The choicest bit, of course, was McCain’s branding of Michael Moore as a disingenuous filmmaker. Moore smiled and waved from the balcony while the Republican delegates served him a hearty boo. McCain focused strictly on Moore’s inaccurate portrait of Iraq as a peaceful haven prior to the war, and for that I salute him. Many crucial details of Moore’s documentary are unassailable, and McCain brilliantly sidestepped them by framing the war on Iraq as the lesser of two evils.

In the end, McCain’s attempt to recapture the history of reasoning behind the war rings hollow: if the choice had been so morally clear, why then did our administration constantly restate its case? And if the choice had been so simple, wouldn’t North Korea be a more pressing target? I do believe that “lesser of two evils” entered into the picture, but only as a minor term in an equation writ large with oil interests and misguided intelligence.