Yee-haw, Let's Drive Those Votes

Today, we launched the Driving Votes project and website.

Our organization helps people all over the country plan trips to swing states with a unique do-it-yourself approach. Driving Votes is made up of normal folks with day jobs who are committed to putting the brakes on Bush.

So go ahead and explore our site; learn how to register voters in important swing states, get educated about Bush, and read the words of the Driving Votes team.

**You can spread the word. ** Please tell everyone you know about our project. If you’re a blogger, please spread the word in your blog. We’re trying to get some Google street cred, so if reasonable, try linking the text “Driving Votes” to

You can participate! Our website is merely a preamble to the big registration drives planned for this summer. We hope you plan to organize a trip too. Help America change gears!