We’re coming up on Halloween. Call me a nay-sayer, but I doubt Seattle can do it San Francisco style.

Of course, while some people wore [this outfit](http://www.okcomputer.org/~mat thew/halloween-2001/Frank_Chius2-640x480.shtml) on Halloween, Frank Chu wore it every day. Sometimes the galaxies were guilted to a octotronic rocket society, and once they were even starlit to a megaoptic pocket society.

Frank Chu may have claimed top spot in the hearts of San Franciscans, but let’s not forget other notables such as the F-Market Cupcake Man, the Shrubbery Terrorizer, and the Identical 80-Year-Old Dressed-For-The-1700s Grandmother Twins.

Project 1525 quite nicely summaries San Francisco’s true insanity.