I stopped blogging a few years back when I realized that nearly everything I wanted to express online fit neatly into the gardens of delicious, twitter, and flickr. Now that I’m a freelance engineer rather than a salaried employee at Microsoft, I’ve come to see the value in having a soapbox, however small it may be.

These days, I’m particularly excited about cloud computing. I believe it will deliver on its promise to radically alter the economics of our industry. It will also substantially lower the barrier to entry for building complex new services. One of my clients is making use of both App Engine and EC2 and so far the outcome (and cost) is compelling.

I expect to post here only sporadically, when I have something more involved to say. For everything else, the “big three” services suffice. You can see what I’m up to in the information area at the bottom of this blog — sidebars be damned!

Let me know what you think about the re-design. I prefer clean & minimal designs but I feel that, at the moment, this design could use a little extra spice and/or more radiation symbols. Suggestions welcome…