A small fraction of the tickets sold for the Vertigo Tour are ‘golden tickets’ that permit their holders (and one guest) to stand inside the ring. Our tickets were scanned on entry to the Key Arena and as extreme luck would have it, two out of three were golden…

![U2 vertigo floor arm bands](/files/jmisc/u2-vertigo-arm- bands.jpg) [my view at the U2
vertigo concert](/files/jmisc/u2-vertigo- view-large.jpg)

The orange band: general admission. The white band: the golden ticket. I stood absolute front and just right of center. I had Bono in front of me and (in the audience) Eddie Vedder directly to my left.

Tonight I wash my ears out with Fantomas, the Anti-U2. (Imagine you are restrained against your will at the Circus from Hell… and the musicians are satanic jazz metalists. Yeah, it’s kinda like that.)