Way back in the day, I bootstrapped an online security startup called Cloak.

On day zero, Cloak offered an elegant cross-platform VPN service: ON or OFF. There were no decisions to make.

Cloak 3 OFF Cloak 3 ON!

At the time, the “state of the art” in the industry was to hope that you could trust your VPN provider, download their configuration files, muck about with open source tools, and cross your fingers that it all worked. Cloak looked… entirely different.

Later, we launched our industry-first “auto secure” feature and Cloak got even easier to use. With auto secure, you no longer needed to remember that you had a VPN!

Cloak 3 OFF

Over time, we learned that SMBs — customers with anywhere from 5 to 500 seats — wanted to provide secure networking to their employees. Moreover, they wanted to create entirely private secure networks at the push of a button. Cloak for Teams was born.

Cloak 3 OFF

We grew Cloak to (and well beyond) profitiability, until its successful acquisition in early 2016 by StackPath LLC. The StackPath team is uniformly wonderful and talented; under their guidance, Cloak has been rebranded as and has expanded its capabilities to match the needs of a growing and sophisticated customer base.