Random Musics

Here’s some bad music I’ve made over the years. Enjoy! (Or, quite possibly, don’t!)

Laptop Battles

I used to battle with laptops. Contestants got three minutes and had to perform live. Winning tracks were generally heavily optimized for bass:

This was a total lark, cutting up samples from old Lalo Shifrin soundtracks, but the crowd seemed pleased.

With apologies to the European Commission on Nuclear Safety

Minimal, glitchy ish for the headz and those who JUST NEED MORE BASS

A “diss track” for a past laptop battle.

I used my voice. This was ill-advised.


A few years back, I decided to take on a musical project. My goal was to record 52 ~60 second tracks, one per week, spending no more than 60 minutes on each. When the hour timer was done, the track was done… for good or for ill. You can listen to everything on my 52.WKS website; a few I liked:

Atreus Dawn

A long long time ago, Georg, Abi, and I got drunk.

We discussed how little respect we had for musicals. Somehow, we decided we should write a musical. Then we decided it should be a techno musical. After a few more beers, it became clear to us that our musical should (obviously!) retell the story of Iphegenia’s sacrifice at the hands of her father, Agamemnon. It unquestionably needed to have some crack clowns and dancing bears and pre-millenium tension.

Then the joke was on us: shortly after that drunken evening, we were presented with an opportunity to actually write and produce the musical. Nearly a year later, Atreus Dawn received an 8-show run on main stage Leeds Theater in Providence, RI.

Just in case you’re wondering: no, Atreus Dawn wasn’t particularly good. But it was a lot of fun to bring into the world.

It looked like this:

King Orestes, Candy RaverThe Greek chorus and Iphigenia

Click to download the full cast recordings (bonus edition).


I don’t update this podcast much these days, but I used to do random music mixes:

The Dangercast