Derek Sivers started the now page movement; seemed like a good idea to me! Last updated January, 2017.


My main project of the moment is Cloak, a service for macOS and iOS (and, quite soon, Windows and Android) that helps keep you safe on untrusted networks, like at coffee shops, airports, hotels, conferences, etc.

Cloak 3 OFFCloak 3 ON!

I built Cloak with my two friends Peter Sagerson and Nick Robinson; people were regularly surprised to discover that we were a tiny indie software company. In May of 2016, we sold Cloak to StackPath LLC. Our team has grown substantially since the acquisition.

Under the hood, Cloak is a VPN, but that’s not so interesting to us. If another technology could secure against side-jacking, eavesdropping, traffic injection, etc., we might choose it instead. The day that everyone uses HTTPS, everywhere, is the day we can pack up and work on something else.

More broadly, I am thinking quite hard about privacy, security, and “owning your own voice” in the digital age. I think there are endless interesting problems to tackle here, and I intend to take a few more of them on.

Game of Go

I got fascinated by the game of Go around the same time that I was doing a lot of freelance development with (and conference talks about) Google App Engine.

So I tied the two together and built the Go website that I actually wanted to use. Apparently others felt the same way.

The original website was a “weekend hack” — an exercise in building a fully functional site in just one weekend. Since then, a lot of open source contributions have helped make it a great place to play Go.

My long term plan is to make the website the best casual website to learn and play Go. The TODO list is a mile long.

Raising a family

This is my other full-time job. Ellie is absurdly fun.