Derek Sivers started the now page movement; seemed like a good idea to me! Last updated May, 2017.

Greenfield (aka discovering what’s next)

As of late May, 2017, I’m an indie developer with no specific project on the market. I’m currently exploring a number of potential products and lines of business. It’s a true greenfield moment for me! Greenfield exploration is a state that I always enjoy, first because it demands all of my creative juices, and second because I expect it won’t happen too many times in my career.

The backstory: In early 2012 I teamed with two good friends, Peter Sagerson and Nick Robinson, to build Cloak. Cloak makes it easy to stay safe on untrusted networks, like at coffee shops, airports, hotels, conferences, etc. Cloak was acquired in early 2016 by StackPath LLC, a great software security company based in Dallas, Texas. I worked with the StackPath team for quite some time after the acquisition. But I’m an independent spirit! With a strong team and roadmap in place, I decided that after half a decade of Cloaking, it was time to get back to ground zero and discover my next project.

Broadly, I am thinking quite hard about privacy, security, and “owning your own voice” in the digital age. I think there are endless interesting problems to tackle here, and I hope to take a few more of them on.

Game of Go

I got fascinated by the game of Go around the same time that I was doing a lot of freelance development with (and conference talks about) Google App Engine.

So I tied the two together and built the Go website that I actually wanted to use. Apparently others felt the same way.

The original website was a “weekend hack” — an exercise in building a fully functional site in just one weekend. Since then, a lot of open source contributions have helped make it a great place to play Go.

My long term plan is to make the website the best casual website to learn and play Go. The TODO list is a mile long.

Raising a family

This is my other full-time job. Ellie is absurdly fun.