On Friday evening I competed in my first-ever laptop battle. It was huge fun. I threw down raw beats and guitar in my first round and twisty synths in my second. Chop Suey was packed full of scenesters and electronic nerds hungry for new sounds. They got served a feast.

As fate would have it, my second round was against the unstoppable and legendary Kris Moon, who eventually claimed the battle’s crown. My musical partner-in-crime, Tom Chi, was also taken down by Kris Moon in a later round. Kris drops schizophrenetic jungle beats and gnarly synth lines, but most importantly he’s developed a fantastic improvosational style with his software. I’m gunning for you next time, Kris!

All the battlers had impressive sets. I met a number of interesting producers from the Portland side of the battle. Much respect to all who participated…

Tom and I are looking for opportunities to play around town; if you’ve got any, let me know. Meanwhile, we’ve updated the Void Stars website with images and seven demo tracks. Enjoy!