I have seen The Matrix. Overheard:

JR: i heard there are hella escalades

JR: like for real

gtc: yeah, it turns out that zion is pimped out. since such a small number of people have all the worlds riches at their disposal, everyone is able to get escalades

JR: and the hierarchy arises from all the modifications

JR: like morpheus’s is all pimped out to the max

JR: and trinity’s like - doesn’t have as dope rims

gtc: yeah, there are philosophical undertones relating to escaladism

JR: in the end tho, everyone just parties out… hard

gtc: true. the sentinels are really like big lighting rigs for the parties

gtc: anyway… don’t take it from me.

gtc: you gotta see these rims… then you’ll be a believer